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NEED HELP - prusa i3 rework problems

Posted by MrSmith 
NEED HELP - prusa i3 rework problems
July 29, 2014 07:15PM
Hi everybody,
I've been building a prusa i3 rework with parts I bought on the web and it's now fully assemble. But I'm having problems printing and it's not responding correctly to the computer.
my setup is :
-ramps 1.4
-A4988 stepper driver
-optical endstops
-repetier host (and same thing with pronterface)

here is a picture of the stepper driver as I saw they can have very different assemblies

so, I first tested the whole system with the tester [reprap.org]
and every thing worked:

but when I'm on repetier host and I click on home, this is what happens:

and when I click to move it manually it does the same thing.

and when I launch a print this is what's happening:

I've been at it for 2 weeks now, if someone has an idea, the two things that come to my mind are
-stepsticks that don't have good voltage/current
-problems in configuring marlin

I'll add that the heating parts work fine and are well responding to the inputs on the computer

Thank you again everybody
Re: NEED HELP - prusa i3 rework problems
July 31, 2014 07:21PM
Check your acceleration and speed settings. If they're too high it can cause this behavior.

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