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Endstop Troubleshooting

Posted by domtropen 
Endstop Troubleshooting
July 31, 2014 07:27PM

I am currenly building my reprap prusa i2 (using Pronterface as my software). Everything works, except my endstops(using GPL v3), the motors will not work at all unless they are switched on. However if I press it on so that the led lights up, it will move. Of course this sounds like a software problem, or a wiring problem but I have tried multip combinations so I am am positive that its a software thing that I should switch, but ideas are welcome. Any idea of what it could be I have attached a photo of the set up red(+),black(-),green(S). I have followed the diagrams, as well they are helpful, but I'm not sure how help they are this time. Ideas?
open | download - WP_001696.jpg (441.8 KB)
Re: Endstop Troubleshooting
July 31, 2014 08:51PM
Actually it was just that I needed to change the values of the endstops from false to true in the configuration files
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