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Newbie Prusa i3 calibration issues

Posted by want2_3d_print 
Newbie Prusa i3 calibration issues
September 15, 2014 06:20PM
Still working on getting my first print...

I'm stuck in x,y calibration and can not seem to move beyond this point.

Here is what I'm using...

sanguinololu 1.3a firmware
Prusa i3 with Wade extruder

Windows 7
arduino 1.0.5-r2 compiling Sprinter
repsnapper 2.2.0

when i connect to my printer usb (port 4) using repsnapper... i can control the x,y,z,e (extruder heat, bed heat) NO PROBLEMS...accept that my motors seem to be continually stepping in place...not moving just making the jump/step sound and getting warmer by the minute....

here is the real problem...

when i go to send gcode and print (no plastic) just to watch the printer do it's thing...the printing drifts from the top left corner away to the opposite diagonal corner..the x, y must be off...but when i do my 0 to 100mm test..it seems to measure out pretty close...99.59 on my digital caliper.

should i lube my smooth rods? i have not yet. Could they be getting off from grapping to tight?

Any suggestions? what additional information do you need to help me?


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Re: Newbie Prusa i3 calibration issues
September 16, 2014 02:44AM
ok..making progress. My motor pulsing was due to over current. Turned them down so the motors are just warm to touch and not hot...no more pulsing. The over current was causing my calibration to skip/miss steps so it was erratically drifting. I believe that issue is fixed. Now to calibrate the extruder. Google trimpot on your board if you encounter this...my motors were bumping or pulsing or knocking. Now they are not smiling smiley
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