Building supports
October 19, 2014 09:44PM
I was curious how you factor in a support for overhangs?
Or do you let say "Meshmixer" put them in??
Im working with Sketchup and 123D, and learning
Blender, like this program.
Anyway just curious! Great fourm!!!
Re: Building supports
October 21, 2014 10:07PM
Anything exceeding 45 degrees in angle will required support, meshmixer, all slicers and any program that have 3D printing capabilities (Adobe CC) will added automatically.

When I design any part I usually add the support in the design, this way I can control where and how much support is printed. Programs like Simplify3D let you select where and how much support you want to put, but the way this support is designed and printed is established by the software and not by you.
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