Build List.
October 20, 2014 03:05PM
So looking to to build an enclosed printer similar a Solidoodle or a Makerbot.. Going to build an 18X18 print area..
So my question is what parts would you use? Rumba boards..ect...And links to any stores with good prices would rock! Looking for good electronics for a desent price if possible.

Re: Build List.
October 21, 2014 01:54AM
if you still have the $300-500 budget specified in the last post from you.
you are probably going to spend that on motor, electronics, power supply alone.
then you still need everything else

cheap option for elctronics would be ramps 1.4 and arduino... you could always upgrade
what frame were you looking at? even wood frames could cost you $200-300 for the size and config you suggest.
i have had people try and quote that price for only a few small parts in aluminium. so i dont know how much luck you would have.

if you went for a "leaning' printer, you could go with a PrusaI3, there are guys in Canada and the USA selling kits.
or you could source yourself and possibly save $100-150

Heat bed? that size in silicon matting would be $70-100

rumba from reprapdiscount is $80.

I see you asking about Cheap printer, and also asking about prices for tantiluss printer, now about a largescale printer..
I would suggest choosing what is right for your skill level. and sticking with your choice.

Write a rough Bill of Materials you might need and start getting prices.
and then you can figure out what options to go with.

you dont want to be stuck with hidden cost.
Re: Build List.
October 21, 2014 11:44AM
Yes the buget has changed.. Also I will be building the frame and everything myself.. Just wondering on which parts to use I don't mind paying for extra for desent parts... But if I can save money and do it myself that is good also..
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