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Heated bed issues

Posted by Rvanchieri 
Heated bed issues
October 21, 2014 04:52PM
MY Prusa i2 prints PLA just fine. Problem is, when I try to print ABS, the heated bed takes forever to heat up. I'm using an atx power supply, and I don't want to mess with getting another one. Are there any ways to insulate this bed so that it reaches temp faster for printing ABS?
Re: Heated bed issues
October 21, 2014 06:27PM
You could put some sort of insulation under the heated bed. I use a couple of layers of cork for this purpose, but many other materials will work as well.

Mike Anton
Re: Heated bed issues
October 22, 2014 02:56AM
Yes, as above - I also place a piece of thick card (or some better insulator) on top of the bed when I power it on Seems to reach temp quicker as there is less heat being lost to the surroundings.

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