RUMBA won't connect and fan don't work
January 17, 2015 09:01PM
Hooked up my RUMBA board today. I have 2 problems. First, everything was working but the fan. It wasn't getting any voltage. I went to change some settings in the Marlin firmware, and when I went to upload it, my computer will no longer find the board and I can not select a com port. It worked 30 min ago, but now it won't. I plugged in my Arduino to see if it would find that, and it did. What should I do? I tried the solution on RUMBA wiki and it didn't work. The RX/TX leds never flashed.
Re: RUMBA won't connect and fan don't work
January 18, 2015 04:48PM
I found the fan problem. There are 3 pins next to where you hook up the fan. 2 of them need to be jumped together. Still can't communicate with computer though. I tried using the usb pins instead of the plug and it didn't work either.
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