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Need help with assembling a Prusa i3 kit from eBay...

Posted by David1337 
Need help with assembling a Prusa i3 kit from eBay...
January 19, 2015 02:48AM
Hello there!

So one of our friends bought us a (fake/copy) of a Prusa i3 kit on eBay...
I and a friend of mine spent more than a few days looking for a manual to build the kit
but couldn't really find anything and the seller didn't include one either... The fake kit came without any markings
but is similar to a Prusa i3. The friend sent an email to the seller but he hasn't responded yet.
By looking at the Prusa i3 manuals on the internet, we found out that not even the rods match the length that is specified
in them... I took a few pictures of the kit and the package... Can someone here help us to find the right or at least a manual that
could help us... Because by looking through the official manuals, there seem to be parts missing from this kit.

Picture: (Does anyone know this seller or if anyone ordered from this guy, where did you find the manual to build the kit?)

Thank you!

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Re: Need help with assembling a Prusa i3 kit from eBay...
January 19, 2015 04:33AM
The Prusa i3 is fully open source. That means anyone can build one, modify one, or sell a kit. So there's no fake/copy, or both are fake/copies. You can find a lot of differencies between a Prusa i3 from another. The overall quality depends of the serious of the provider only. As far Prusa i3 is open source and don't need any specific knowledge to be assembled, some resellers provide minimal instructions and sometimes none. There's a huge amount of step by step topics and videos online, some says that's pretty enough. I did the mistake, and you need to check who's the seller before to buy. Buy a good kit, not a good price. You want to buy a maker's kit, not a seller's one.

Anyways, you bought a seller's kit, so you will deal with all the problems hidden inside the box. Fist, you should check-up all the parts and components and verify they're in great shape and fully functionnal. Don't go any step further before to have check everything. Go fast, because waranty ends quickly and most of the providers won't do anything if the time's out. Start by the electronics and motors, then guides, then transmission. If something's wrong, contact the seller as fast as possible. Find some videos on youtube on electronics wiring and installation, it's pretty easy. You can do it before mounting the whole printer. Anything else can be checked quickly by hand, rods must be perfectly round and straight and bearings must runt nice and easy on it.

When you've all fully working, to find useful buiding instructions, you want to refer to a serious provider's documentation. For example, for and acrylic frame download Czar documentation. You can have some differencies on some parts, but most of the instructions should match. For specific parts, search in youtube Prusa 13 assembly videos some builds using specific parts like yours. Good Luck!

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