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strange Z height.

Posted by PedroB 
Re: strange Z height.
February 02, 2015 07:22AM
ok I will reply to the forum just email me or post here when you are back. I will try playing around a bit with what you said see if I can find that.
Re: strange Z height.
February 02, 2015 07:32AM
just FYI when I hit z home. it trys to keep going past the home area. it hits the limiter and tries to keep on going and the motor buzzes as it gets stucks trying to keep going.

UPDATE so I got it zero'd with that program. It was at a good height while centered. Even though the home keeps trying to go lower.


now the printer wont print it moved the extruder all the way left to the stop that stopped fine then the z axis tried to lower itself. So I take it that may be a setting in the code of the file again. but im not sure that is just what happened on first run. I'll await your return sir. Until then ill continue to try playing around.
Re: strange Z height.
February 02, 2015 07:47AM
I manually set in the gcode my z axis to start at 000.60 and it was damn close to the bed but still off. im thinking home is about 000.30 or 000.40. If I can just get the printer to figure out its home setting for the z axis I think it will solve this issue. ill continue playing with it.
Re: strange Z height.
February 02, 2015 08:10AM
well for now ive given up. I await your return. I wasn't able to get anywhere and I need a break.
Re: strange Z height.
February 02, 2015 03:47PM
well it just said repetier host I did not see an option for the cura version. It does have a 3d imaging built into it. How do I get to the cura feature to see?

Repetier automatically installs Cura and Slic3r so there isn't a different version to download. You can choose it from the software after you get it installed and launched.

See here:
On the main screen there is a tab for Slicing. On there you can choose Cura, Slic3r, etc.
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