Slic3r takes way to long to export
February 02, 2015 01:46AM
So slic3r takes way too long to export, thing is the file is visible when I went to cancel it I can see that it finishes everything and stops at the m84 command to stop motors and then tells me how much filament was used in the gcode. Sad part is that slic3r technically finished the export since I can proceed to take that file and print. (I also know its done because I go through the process on another computer(laptop) and it finishes in a few seconds. Whereas on my desktop it takes too long. It didn't before. The last time it didn't take forever, but now it seems to be doing so. Ideas?

I already tried removing everything(slic3r folder from roaming). Tried a newer version. and I currently use .9 version of Slic3r. I cleared registy files(used ccleaner).

My desktop that has this problem currently has slightly higher specs.

I also have the avoid crossing perimeters unchecked.

I am slicing a 20mm calibration cube. for a prusa i2.

I added the my config file if that helps at all
open | download - MY COnFig.ini (2.8 KB)
Re: Slic3r takes way to long to export
February 02, 2015 06:15PM
Slic3r 0.9 is pretty old by this point, might be worth updating to see if that helps.
Re: Slic3r takes way to long to export
February 02, 2015 06:41PM
I used to have the same problem with Windows and Linux installs of Slic3r, then they changed it so it did slicing in the background as soon as you loaded the stl file and restarted slicing every time you change one of the settings. The other thing they did was improve the speed of the export, but it is sometimes still pretty slow in Windows. I compiled the source code in my linux machine (instead of installing the package) and it runs much faster and more reliably. If you can follow the directions, I suggest you try compiling from source code.

I still have slic3r crash once in a while when it is trying to export gcode. I get some long, cryptic error messages that I am too much of a noob to decode. When it crashes, I just slice in Cura.
Re: Slic3r takes way to long to export
February 02, 2015 07:28PM
I figured that it was, for some strange reason it still won't work with the newest version either. I'm also assuming you mean another program altogether. The problem isn't even the rendering. it runs in the background, it just takes super long exporting. and strictly exporting

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