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l2c connections

Posted by steveo290 
l2c connections
June 12, 2010 06:26PM
I am using gen 3 techzone remix electronics and am running into a problem. I cannot get the board to power up with out using the 6 pin connector (when I install firmware). Can someone please supply a picture of the motherboard and extruder, gen 3 techzone remix? I have been searching on here and looking for pictures and cannot find anything useful. I have looked at the pdf's and pin outs and they don't seem to help me. I think I am missing something. I look at the pdf's for these elects and find the spots on both boards where it says sda and scl and connect them but nothing happens. Thanks guys.
Re: l2c connections
June 12, 2010 07:24PM
Found the problem. Power supply cables were loose.
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