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Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP

Posted by Laerne 
Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 14, 2010 02:55PM
June, 14 2010

Hello world, I'm new on the RepRap world, and I plan to build my own RepRap II with my brother.
Unfortunately, neither of us are engineer, nor English speaker, and we sometimes have difficulties understanding the wiki tutorials, which contains sometimes very technical terminology.

I will use this topic to write down our progression, and to ask questions whenever we have problems.

First of all, we need to gather needed parts.
For this purpose, I've downloaded the Mendel-assembly-data-sheet.
The first tab contains the exhaustive list of needed parts, but here are my two first questions :
There is a "type" column I don't understand every terms from. What do "Extruder", "Fastener", "RP" and "Studding" types mean ?

My second concern is about the electronic components, I don't know how to acquire. There are several sites, all of them don't have every parts, some of them have not the same version as the one required on the data sheet, lots of them are sold out, there are also a lot of other name than RepRap's one (what is Makerbot ?), Some have kits including some of the electronic parts, ...
I'm confused where and what to buy. Could you help ? We would like to buy everything at the same seller in order to reduce transportation fees (note we live in Belgium).

Thank you for any help you may give,

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Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 14, 2010 04:52PM
Makerbot's stuff is compatible, but I'm afraid I can't recommend them due to actions and omissions on their part which don't seem completely ethical.

Try the newer version of the Gen 3 electronics.
Kimberly of TechZone does a full kit, sold by BotMill:

Let me know if you'd like me to create a Belgium RepRap User Group

Also, what tooling do you have?

-Sebastien, RepRap.org library gnome.

Remember, you're all RepRap developers (once you've joined the super-secret developer mailing list), and the wiki, RepRap.org, [reprap.org] is for everyone and everything! grinning smiley
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 15, 2010 04:39AM
http://www.iprint3d.org/ is located in Belgium. They sell electronics and motors.
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 15, 2010 05:41AM
> First of all, we need to gather needed parts.

One type of parts you (currently) can't easily get are the plastics parts for the Mendel. This is why so many non-plastics machines, called RepStraps, exist.


> What do "Extruder", "Fastener", "RP"
> and "Studding" types mean ?

"RP" = Rapid Prototyping. For the remaining, see [dict.leo.org]

> My second concern is about the electronic
> components, I don't know how to acquire.

As with many open source projects, there is a lot of choice. Parts are mostly exchangeable. "NEMA-14/NEMA-17/NEMA-21" gives you the mounting size of the motor (NEMA-17 = 42 mm x 42 mm, NEMA-21 = 56 mm x 56 mm). Bigger motors are stronger, of course. Electrically they all work the same way, all of them have 4, 6 or 8 wires (avoid 5-wire motors).

Generation 7 Electronics Teacup Firmware RepRap DIY
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 15, 2010 11:35AM
If you buy a lasercut kit from Techzone, opt for a kit with post processing already done. If I didn't work at a job with a drill press I would have been screwed. As I thought I could just do some sanding and glueing for post processing. Its a lot more involved then that.
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 15, 2010 02:22PM
* BotMill seems very great, thank you ! I defitively hope there is no incompatibility problems.
* We don't plan to constitute a RUG until we don't have a operationnal RepRap, that's sure.
* What tools do we have ?
I think we have a table saw, I'll check this week-end (I'm away from home richt now), but that's over.

We've already found iPrint3D's website, but every reprap article are sold out...

It seems a lot of reprapper sells the plastic parts to refund their own reprap. We should be able to localize one not too far away.
Thanks for the definition of RP, this one was the most probematic to me (and I definitively don't speak Dutchwinking smiley but French).

Thank you for the advice, I have to think a bit of that a bit further, I didn't see any post-processed part on BotMill's website, only these ones : http://botmill.com/products-page/parts-and-accessories/basic-laser-cut-replacement-for-mendel-printed-parts/
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 15, 2010 03:11PM
If you don't see the post-processed lasercut parts at BotMill, try at TechZoneCom.com instead. TechZone are the folks who did the technical work behind the products that BotMill sells. It looks to me as though http://techzonecom.com/detail.php?pr_id=12 is what you are looking for. And, as someone else has said, unless you have access to a well equipped woodworking shop, it will be worth paying the extra for post-processed parts, that processing is not simple for beginners.

Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
June 16, 2010 12:16PM
Hi Jonathan,

Please note that the Laser Cut Mendel offered by BotMill (us) comes with all the post processing done.

Kind regards,

I wouldn't order from botmill at all if I were you. Their shipping is delayed horribly. The parts I got from them were in poor condition. I didn't have enough bolts and nuts to complete the mechanical construction. They shipped wrong parts which they did correct later on. The ribbon cables were not enough lenth and/or not enouogh. I seem to have 2 extra 6-pin connectors in which I have no ribbon cable for. I have tried e-mailing them. I goot a couple responses. Now they are not replying to my emails. I do not recommend botmill. Try to avoid them at all costs. They will just add to frustration.
Re: Dalhana&Laerne's first RepRap - Questions and WIP
July 26, 2010 09:04AM
Please note that BotMill does not manufacture the kits or any parts-we are one of the distributors for TechZone, the manufacturer. We are able to sell the kits and related items at substantial discounts but please note that Techzone is the party who is the manufacturer and provides support to buyers.
Due to the lowest possible prices, at times there is a small delay from the time an order is placed to the time it is shipped as TechZone is manufacturing them in batches.
We at BotMill are always very responsive to all clients communications and we have continued praise for our efforts from numerous clients. Customer service is utmost for us.
I can be reached directly if needed at gil@botmill.com

Follow us on twitter @BotMill
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