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Printed parts package

Posted by [email protected] 
Printed parts package
May 01, 2015 10:06AM
Hi Reprappers,

I want to build my own 3D printer and I was wondering if you have a rough estimate for the amount of money that I'll have to spend to buy all the different parts for the prusa i2 model?


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Re: Printed parts package
May 01, 2015 11:12AM
The prusa i2 it's old and it won't be cheaper to built than an i3. But in any case you can search in ebay for both printed parts and harware for both styles, the i2 have more printed parts than the i3.
Re: Printed parts package
May 01, 2015 11:30AM
I built my first printer an i2 for just less than £250 Last year.
Its as sturdy if not more stable than a cheap perspex framed i3.
The only limitation is the height.
After some tweaking its printing very accurately.
Id recomend it as a first printer if finding the threaded rod is easier than the cut i3 parts.

I found getting the i3 parts cut was more expensive than the steel threaded rod for me and ive been very happy with the printer.
Allthogh im now building a p3steel based printer for more height. But it will cost a lot more.


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About to build a P3Steel.

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Re: Printed parts package
May 01, 2015 01:32PM
I see kits selling for about 600 USD. I sourced all of my parts separately and spent around 670. I don't like to wait for anything so I used local suppliers so shipping times were 2-3 days. Mainly McMaster Carr for the hardware ,Makerfarm for the electronics and. NW Reprap for the printed parts. I priced out everything on Amazon and it came in at about $440.00. The Sintron 3d printer packages are a good deal. There are quite a few parts that make up the I2 so a kit makes it a whole lot easier. But It is also labor intensive to assemble. The kits come with the rods cut to length which saves a bit of time. Building my I2 gave me a clear understanding on how these machines work which is something I would not have gotten had I bought a kit or preassembled one. Those preassembled package printers don't interest me in the least and they don't produce any better prints then the DIY ones.
Re: Printed parts package
May 01, 2015 02:12PM
If you go for a i3 get a winged back version, try to avoid the plexi glass/acrylic versions either wood or aluminium. I built mine from sourcing parts individually and went for the single aluminium frame version, the issue with the single aluminium frame is it needs bracing, but there's loads of different styles out there. I am going to decommission my i3 and use parts to build a ultimaker as i think they the most sturdy opensource printer going.

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