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Upgrading my Perusa i3

Posted by repanrap 
Upgrading my Perusa i3
May 03, 2015 05:36AM
I'm upgrading my i3 from single to dual extruder (Chimera). I have removed the the Hexagon and it's extruder from the x carriage, to do this I virtually had to strip the machine down so now there is nothing attached to the Arduino/Ramps 11.4. My question is, can I incrementally add, and test/calibrate, to the Ramps? For example I have already mounted the two extruders, can I attach them to the Ramps and calibrate them without anything else connected? I do remember seeing an M code, I think M340, that would let you work the extruders without having the hot-end up to temp. Then I want to add the Chimera and test/calibrate it. Once that is done I can attach everything else (motors and end-stops).

Can I do this, or does everything have to be connected first?
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