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Hotend Problems

Posted by Techly 
Hotend Problems
May 09, 2015 01:44AM
I'm currently using a E3D v6 hotend and the PLA doesn't go through the nozzle. I'm using 1.75mm filament and the temperature was originally 210 degress, but I set it higher because I thought that's why. The problem is that even at 240 degrees, the PLA still doesn't melt. Any tips? (I don't want to clean it first, I want other suggestions)

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Re: Hotend Problems
May 09, 2015 03:17AM
Do you have a hot end fan blowing air over the heatsink fins?

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Re: Hotend Problems
May 09, 2015 03:23AM
what kind of extruder do you have? Did you try to push PLA through the heated nozzle by hand? Maybe the PLA doesn´t find the way into the nozzle? PTFE tube is crumpled or something else is blocking...
210°C is more than enough to melt PLA.

Good luck
Re: Hotend Problems
May 09, 2015 06:55AM
If you can't push it by hand then you have a blockage somewhere. I've found only way from there is dismantling to sort the problem.
Re: Hotend Problems
May 10, 2015 02:20AM
@dc_42: Yes
@o_lampe: Wantai stepper motor with gear, yes, gonna check, gonna check, PTFE is fine.

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Re: Hotend Problems
May 20, 2015 03:01PM
Are you sure your hot end is actually 210 degrees? Just because the LCD or Prontrface says it is does not make it so.

Get a second opinion smiling smiley You need a way to validate the temp reading. I use my multimeter with a K type thermocouple probe. I found that I was using the wrong thermister table and I was off by 16 degrees sad smiley Testing other values, I could see variances from 75 degrees up to 5 degrees that I now have. Even though the entries say 100k blah blah, does not mean they are all equal. It is a dark science that I have yet to master. Also, thermistor tables can change the amount of variance at different temps. It could be dead on at 190 but off by 20 at 230.

Re: Hotend Problems
May 21, 2015 01:06AM
Sounds like a jam. Pull the filament out and run a thin wire (like one strand from a normal power cable) through the hotend.
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