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Printing PLA on cold bed of 8mm PET-G

Posted by pocketmoon 
Printing PLA on cold bed of 8mm PET-G
May 28, 2015 06:34PM

After my heated bed gave up the ghost on my otherwise unstoppable RepRapPro Mono Mendel I decided to try some alternative print bed materials. I had some scraps of 8mm PET-G knocking about and though I'd try that.

Printing PLA with the initial layer at 200c works a treat!

You absolutely have to avoid the hot end touching the bed while it's hot. It melts into it hot smiley .

I always check z-height with the HE cold (pinching sheet of paper etc etc) then home it off to the side, heat up and print.

Everything has stuck so far and peels off nicely. Bed adhesion is good and very even. No visible sign of degredation of the PET-G yet after a dozen or so prints.

I will give ABS a go but my gut feeling is that it will stick well but warp off the cold bed.

Re: Printing PLA on cold bed of 8mm PET-G
June 09, 2015 12:53PM
Interesting. I wonder if it would work with PET packing tape, which could be replaced, on a normal metal or glass bed.
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