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Bed position change while printing to the next layer

Posted by Munsaf 
Bed position change while printing to the next layer
July 09, 2015 08:40AM
i build my first reprap Prusa i3 style printer its my first experience so don't know deeply..
using marlin firmware with Smart controller.i am facing some problems..

1) Bed position is stuck while printing to next layer on Feed Rate 70 to 100% printer going to print next layer on other place
2) i also try to print FR on 15% to 22% printer printing but too rough and stuck position after 50% of job done but difference of change is 1 or 2mm away from printing
3) print 20mm cube on FR 15% but when i measure it its 21mm..
4)Bed Temp not increase more then 50 to 60'C i am using SMPS 12V 10A power supply i am using ABS require 110'C

Video of Printing..... while changed position

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Re: Bed position change while printing to the next layer
July 12, 2015 03:45PM
no one wants to help??????????.....................
Re: Bed position change while printing to the next layer
July 13, 2015 10:39AM

1. Y axis/bed is slipping on loose belt or motor is skipping with not enough power. You can hear it on the movie

2. If motors are rough, have you adjusted the motor current
As for FR% - it is more usual to set print speed in slicer program. What speed is it set? It looks fairlyfast in the film.

3. Too much plastic coming out. Extruder not calibrated in firmware, filament or nozzle size not correct in slicer.

4. Some heated beds can't reach 110.
"The motors plus single hotend take up to 5A or so, a heated bed typically takes 5A-15A. So for a standard setup with heated bed, look to about 18-30A total which is about 220-360W at 12V. For some setups you might be able to use less power."

Re: Bed position change while printing to the next layer
July 13, 2015 10:43AM
So I'll be honest. I have no idea but I'm a sucker for trying to help someone out.

Have you tried to use a different slicer? Along those lines as well, what slicer are you using?

Sounds like you need to do some firmware editing though from the description of your #2 and #3 being that there are measurement discrepencies. steps per unit as well as acceleration most likely need to be adjusted.

Hopefully someone a bit more experienced with these things can help you out. I'm not at all certain regarding the bed temp thing, my instinct tells me you may need a different heat bed / controller if you can't get it to higher temperatures but that may be a firmware thing as well (PID maybe needs to be corrected for heatbed).

EDIT: looks like someone with more experience posted before I was done typing my thoughts.. leaving it here for the simple sake of ideas. hopefully it helps someone *shrug*

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Re: Bed position change while printing to the next layer
July 13, 2015 06:24PM
Have you done some checking if all the motors move as expected? It seems that when the z motor is raised, the y motor is doing the moving instead. Can you move the z motor at all when moving it manually in repetier host for example?

You can also send some gcode (manual control tab), this will try to move at 300mm/s, the firmware should limit this to at most 150mm/s:
G1 Z10 F18000

Keep changing the Z location like 5 and 50 to make it move more.

What is the Vmax and Amax for the Z axis? 3 and 20 are the values I use.

What are the settings fro xy jerk and x and y acceleration? If it's set too high, it will skip, especially during moves without extruding, it will try to move as fast as the printer is set to go. The easiest way to adjust these settings is with the LCD panel, go to control/motion.

I'd start by setting acceleration to 1000 and xy jerk to 20. I'm using 1800 and 52 respectively but I've got a bowden setup and my print bed is light-weight as well.

You can also try setting individual acceleration (also 1000mm/s2) and max. velocity settings for x and y (start with 100mm/s).
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