Separate Forum Areas Based on Printer Model?
July 27, 2015 03:41PM
Why does this form now have separate areas based on what model of printer you have? I just saw a post about an Arduino connectivity issue get moved to the i3 form. It looks to me like it must have just been because the guy mention that he was using it with an i3. Are i3s the only printers that use Arduinos now? Whatever solution is given to this guy would be useful to anybody using any kind of printer that might use an Arduino.

When I started up I druged through the Reprappers thread with stuff about all kinds of printers and learned alot doing it. If I was on looking for a solution to an issue, that solution didn't always come from a post about my specific model of printer. I have also gotten ideas from other printer designs that I used to improve my model.

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Re: Separate Forum Areas Based on Printer Model?
July 27, 2015 07:17PM
The description of this forum section reads "People building or using RepRaps." I interpret that to mean that this is the place to discuss people and what they are up to, not the Folger Tech customer support forum or a place to discuss controller connectivity problems.

Whoever moved it probably should have considered moving it to one of the electronics, controllers, host software, or firmware sections. If you wish to question their decision, the proper place to post is in the "Administration, Announcements, Policies" section.....
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