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Hello Newbie here trying to solve a problem

Posted by reddragonz 
Hello Newbie here trying to solve a problem
September 08, 2015 05:30PM
Hi all, My name is Kev & I recently purchased a 2nd hand RepRapPro, Ormerod 1. Yes I know it's oldish, but i need to start somewhere! I have managed to get as far as using it with the Pronterface software and have updated the firmware etc. I am currently going through the commissioning of the duet, and have come upon a problem with the proximity sensor - when i do the test, the value stays virtually the same no matter how high or low the extruder is.
Now, i have come across this page: [reprappro.com] and looking at the diagram, the proximity sensor should have 2 wires that are red and blue, going to the long connection at the top of the board (to the left on the diagram). My board does not have 2 wires going there, only one, which is blue. I have looked and cannot seem to find any loose wires anywhere so either it is missing or somewhere else i do not know ? Now i know the page link i give above says it is for the ormerod2, but that is the link i was given by the troubleshooting page ! Any help will be greatly appreciated smiling smiley

Here is a pic of my board:
open | download - WP_20150908_21_47_03_Pro.jpg (53.3 KB)
Re: Hello Newbie here trying to solve a problem
September 08, 2015 06:42PM
Maybe the ground and power is provided by a constantly running fan to reduce the number of wires. Check the proximity sensor and follow the other leads. If there are non check if you can find the type code and lookup tne datasheet hoa to connect it.

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Re: Hello Newbie here trying to solve a problem
September 09, 2015 03:11AM
Try posting in the dedicated Ormerod section where you will get the answer you need.

Re: Hello Newbie here trying to solve a problem
September 09, 2015 03:15AM
Your link is to the wiring page for the Ormerod 2. The Ormerod 1 docs are here [reprappro.com] and the wiring diagram is here [reprappro.com]. It looks to me that you have the blue wire connected to the wrong pin on the expansion connector. Before you apply power again, check you have all the other wires connected correctly too, because RepRapPro changed the colours of lots of the wires between the Ormerod 1 and Ormerod 2 wiring looms. In particular, if you get the hot end wiring loom wrong, you may destroy the Duet when you apply 12V power.

Also check that you have the latest firmware (1.09) installed and that you have the homing files for the Ormerod 1 on your SD card, not the homing files for the Ormerod 2.

When you first home the printer, be prepared for the X axis to move the wrong way and be ready to turn the power off or hit the reset button. The motor direction was changed in firmware between the O1 and the O2.

I suggest you ask any further questions about this printer in the Ormerod section of this forum.

HTH David

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