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Exporting current marlin firmware

Posted by eviltoy 
Exporting current marlin firmware
September 15, 2015 04:07PM

I recently recovered my laptop from a windows crash however i lost all my data. I am running a prusa i3 with ramps 1.4. The problem now is that i have a new e3d hotend and i need to configure the thermistor setting but i dont have my firmware backed up anywhere to load into the arduino ide. Is there a way to export my current configs?
Re: Exporting current marlin firmware
September 15, 2015 04:49PM
M503 prints the current settings stored in the EEPROM and you may be able to get the PID settings as well but I doubt you can recover the thermistor settings as this is a constant lookup table (a constant in C is a read only value). The thermistor index value itself isn't stored in the firmware.

If you're savvy with hex editors you could try getting a hex dump from your current firmware using avrdude and use the hex editor and try finding values stored in it that matches one of the lookup tables in thermistortables.h. It will be rather time consuming, just some trial and error using different lookup tables may be quicker. You'll need a temperature reference like a digital volt meter with thermocouple though. While you're replacing the hotend, you could opt for a thermocouple + thermo couple board. This will not need any calibration, it will be accurate within about 2 degrees. Or you could buy a known type of thermistor that's supported in the firmware. I'd get a thermocouple, it will be easier to install (thermistor wires may short circuit on the heater block) and you can use much higher temperatures which is handy for some types of filament like nylon.

First thing I'd do is get a couple of 1-4TB USB drives and use allway sync to syncronize your internal harddisk automatically every 30 minutes. Swap them every week and store the offline drive in another building. You could also use cloud storage if you feel comfortable with that and your data isn't too sensitive.

Alternatively, if the thermistor was supplied with the printer, the supplier should be able to give you the config file. You may be able to reconstruct the configuration that way.

If the drive is still ok, you could use file recovery software to try and recover important data. If you've already reinstalled windows then the chances are slim if you can recover any data though.

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Re: Exporting current marlin firmware
September 15, 2015 05:10PM
Nah i just want the extruder settings from the firmware as i recall spent the most time configuring the extruder steps
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