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New Assembly, stuck on power supply

Posted by Outie 
New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 27, 2015 03:42PM
I am brand new to 3d printing and there is no one around me that can help so I bought this kit as a shot in the dark to play around. I come from an electrical engineering background.

Kit: HE3D Delta

The kit is a terrible! the instructions are missing many steps, out of order, blurry, different model was shown in the "how to" than what I bought, I have been putting this thing together mostly from a finished picture and kinda filling in the blanks on how I think it goes. I ran into a problem. I have been looking through threads and topics here and found two different pictures on how to wire the motherboard, power supply, fans.

Attached is my project. What goes in the RED? Why is there a power plug (YELLOW)? Do I solder the extruder fan into the GREEN? Where do I hook up the fan that is cooling the filament advance motor?

Edit: My cooling fans are 12vdc and power supply 24vdc

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Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 12:03AM
You have a generic Ramps 1.4. The extruder fan is hooked up to D9 if you are running single extruders, or for constant power can be hooked up to a straight 12v rail. You can also hook it up to the GREEN in the picture. The RED is your main input. Put your power supply wires here. Notice ramps boards have two separate channels of power, hence four connectors, two Positive, two ground. Finally, the plug labeled by yellow us left unplugged. The power to the Arduino is fed through the Ramps. I have attached the diagram of a Ramps to aid you in power wiring. Also check for bad soldering underneath your boards before they short anything out.

Prusa i3 Rework - Ramps 1.4 - E3d Lite6 - Full Graphic LCD Controller
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Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 01:44AM
You have a 24v power supply you need to check and change a few things

1) you can't directy connect the 12v fans, if you feed the ramps 24v then fans, hotend heaters, and bed heaters should be 24v (if connected directly to ramps board). Now there are two power plugs on the ramps. The 5A cct is for steppers, hotends and fans, the 11A cct is just for the heated bed. You can can split it 12v on 5A and 24 on 11A or as you wish....

2) polyfuses, if running 24v the 11amp poly fuse needs replaced, its only rated for 16v (most replace polyfuses with thick wire and put 24v inline car fuses to replace the 5a and 11amp polyfuse)

3) check the caps on your ramps, The caps under the pololu chips need to be 35v not 16v as found on some ramps.

4) powering the mega. the mega normaly gets power via D1 from the ramps. The standard mega can't take 24 volts.
So you either need to remove D1 and power it from 12v source via the DC jack on the mega
Or get a special mega that can take 24v such as the taurino power
You could also replace D1 with a 8v-12v voltage regualtor that can take 24v... but space is very tight.

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Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 03:13AM
The 11A polyfuse may not need replacing, my ramps board has a 30V 11A polyfuse and runs without problems. Just check the code on the largest polyfuse and lookup the datasheet on google.
Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 06:35AM
@imqqmi care to share your polyfuse code? never seen any that arent 16v.

Standard ones are MF-R1100 16v (datasheet)

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Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 09:27AM
The polyfuse on the ramps 1.4 I own is:

30V 9A, tripping point 18A I think, at 20 degrees ambient temperature. It can handle 11A but it does get a bit warm.
Re: New Assembly, stuck on power supply
September 28, 2015 06:04PM
Thanks much all.
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