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Problems controlling unit, only one motor working (solved)

Posted by Outie 
Problems controlling unit, only one motor working (solved)
October 02, 2015 03:13PM
I bought a kit, instructions were crap! (HE3D Delta) I have zero background in 3d printing. I assembled the kit and fixed some issues with that. all jumpers installed under the steppers, all motors and step controllers are verified good.

What I have done:
Installed Arduino and uploaded micromake (program that came with unit)
Installed Repetier-Host.

I go under manual control and I can only get one of the three motors to move (and filament motor). the other two motors do nothing... Fan/extruder/heat bed all work from repetier-host...

what is my next step? I am about to use this thing for target practice.....

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Re: Problems controlling unit
October 03, 2015 03:08AM
Since you are lucky and have a dedicated firmware at hand, you can flash the Ramps-test prog. instead and see if the hardware is OK.
All steppers should run without load at first.
If not, calibrate your stepper drivers Vref.
Re: Problems controlling unit
October 04, 2015 02:34PM
I checked my Vref (most of them were close but I adjusted them anyway to 0.8A). After I ran the the test file, I only had one motor working. Further investigation revealed that my board was toast from the manufacture. Thanks for pointing the way Olaf!
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