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Quality Filaments

Posted by Andy1989 
Quality Filaments
December 21, 2015 07:51AM
I been printing for about 2 years now, and been using some of the cheaper filaments. Stuff like We do 3D printing and flyde filaments.

Thinking of trying out some of the more expensive stuff, ColorFabb and E3D premium.
Has anyone done any back to back comparisons of cheap vs expensive filaments?

I guess i just want to know are they really worth almost double the cost.
Re: Quality Filaments
December 23, 2015 10:55PM
I was using stuff that a local salt Lake City 3d store is making. To put it mildly it had an inconsistent diameter causing many failures. At $25.00 a roll it sucked. Just started buying Foxsmart filament and haven't had a jam since. Normally $18.00 a roll and recently $16.00 and $4.00 shipping for one roll or 10. Awesome deal and great selection of colors. Rolls are 6" diameter with 1" hole.
Very happy. [thefoxsmart.com]
Re: Quality Filaments
December 24, 2015 08:03AM
I too have been using this filament. Zero Jams. very consistent diameter.

It is interesting because it seems to be stronger than other PLAs I have tried. If you try to break a piece of filament off the roll, you have to bend it back and forth LOTS before you can break it. It acts like it has little strings inside that won't break. It does leave more strings during printing than the other PLAs I tried, and I think this one disadvantage is related to the break strength advantage. The filament really wants to stay connected to itself...
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