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bowden drive extruders

Posted by BodgeIt 
bowden drive extruders
September 20, 2010 01:50PM
Are there any limits or do's and dont's for bowden drive extruders?

I have just started experimenting with a bowden extruder drive using clear plastic water pipe, like that used for car window washer squirters.

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Re: bowden drive extruders
September 20, 2010 09:55PM
My personal rule is that if there isn't a youtube video on it yet, the bugs are not likely to have been worked out.

My unimplemented idea was to ether use fiber or steel reinforced hose (used for instance, brake lines in cars) with a PTFE liner (people who make those radio-control planes use this for fuel line.)

This should allow you to put metal fittings on both ends without hitting a speed bump during the transition. So you would have a metal fitting that was butted up against the PTFE tubing which was butted up against the other metal fitting. Over all of the PTFE tubing, and half of the metal fitting, you would have the low stretch, reinforced hosing holding the whole thing together. Add two hose clamps.

One other far out there liner suggestion. MIG welders sometimes have an extra slippery liner that some people try to run aluminum MIG wire through. (While I've never tried it, it's not suppose to work very well. Most people try to do aluminum MIG with a "spool gun".) The problem is that the mig wire is at most .045" (1.1 mm) thick.

BodgeIt Wrote:
> Are there any limits or do's and dont's for bowden
> drive extruders?
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