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Mendel threaded rod questions

Posted by Myndale 
Mendel threaded rod questions
September 21, 2010 01:55AM
How sturdy does Mendel's threaded rod have to be? The straight bars I've been able to procure are straight and very sturdy, but the threaded stuff had a small amount of flex when it was in its original 1.2m length. Nothing too major, and it doesn't seem to be noticeable now that it's all cut to size, but it's got me a bit worried. Is the studding subjected to high lateral stresses when Mendel is in operation?

Also, the only studding I could source locally was galvanized steel which has that characteristic "dull" look. I know the zinc carbonate coating is supposed to protect the steel underneath, but it looks terrible and isn't needed for this application. Any tips on how to get it looking nice again? My first thoughts are to try C.L.R. and then maybe some steel cleaner or something with a coat of silicon grease, but I'm not sure it will be enough to keep it protected in future.
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