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New Extruder

Posted by elwood127 
New Extruder
January 05, 2016 11:44AM
Hey all, got an email about this extruder. Looks pretty interesting.
Re: New Extruder
January 05, 2016 07:56PM
1) its makerbot, its not a reprap
2) the page is also geolocked, wont even display to half of us.

"It appears you are visiting from a country we do not currently ship our products to."

Which is crap because I can buy a makerbot just down the road no issues. Not that I would do such a thing. Over priced closed source crap
Re: New Extruder
January 06, 2016 02:14PM
I saw the story on 3ders.org had no problem viewing, sure looks interesting(but pretty normal inside), wonder how easy to make it work with other machines?
Re: New Extruder
January 08, 2016 04:29PM
It looks interesting but pretty $$$$ expensive
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