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Z axis offset help

Posted by J_walsh 
Z axis offset help
February 29, 2016 06:32PM

I am new to RepRap and have built a prusia i3 rework, ramps 1.4 and audino mega

I need to get the extruder as close as possible to the bed

To do this I want to offset the nozzle in the original Marlin upload as I cannot move my endstops higher than they are. I have a minimum endstop set up which th nozzle reaches about 2mm above the bed.

I am unsure on what to uncode/ change in the configuration tab to do this I am using Pronterface.

If there is a guide on how to do this I would love to find out because then I can start printing!

Many thanks
Re: Z axis offset help
March 01, 2016 06:01PM
For Marlin it looks like you want to set the

#define Z_MIN_POS 0

to something like

#define Z_MIN_POS 2

to whatever your residual gap is. This will tell the printer that when the homing is complete it is at position 2mm or whatever you end up using. Then to quickly check it out you can manually move to 0 and see if the height is correct. You want a piece of paper to slide under the nozzle with just a bit of friction.

You'll edit that setting in the configuration.h file of the marlin firmware using arduino software. Then compile and upload to the electronics. This assumes of course that you have a copy of Marlin that has all of your other settings already adjusted and you only need to change the height of your homing position. It is possible that you can change that setting using a GCode command or through Pronterface but I don't know how to do that. I'm not real familiar with Marlin so hopefully that helps.
Re: Z axis offset help
March 02, 2016 11:19PM
OK, silly question > why don't you move the end stop down?

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Great kits. Having fun and running the heck out of them.
Running Marlin 1.1.0 RC8 on the i3 and FT5. Custom firmware on A5.
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Re: Z axis offset help
March 03, 2016 07:36AM
How are you proposing to go past the endstop?
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