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Wades Question

Posted by fireraisr 
Wades Question
October 31, 2010 02:59PM
Hello all,
I'm building an Isaac and just bought my hardware. When everything arrived I found that I had inadvertently bought NEMA 14's. Will wades extruder work with those or will I have to modify the design?
Re: Wades Question
October 31, 2010 05:38PM
Your really going to need to get a new stepper.

Wades requires a pretty torquey NEMA 17 as it is.

Your not running your Mendel off NEMA 14 are you?

Re: Wades Question
October 31, 2010 06:06PM
I'm going to try, if it doesn't work I'll use them for a huxley. What's the recommended torque for a wades?
Re: Wades Question
October 31, 2010 07:32PM
I use 5 kg*cm steppers on mine, but you can make do with less if you don't want to extrude quickly. Adrian has a nema 14 extruder design in subversion, but I haven't heard of anyone using it yet. How much torque do your steppers have?

Re: Wades Question
October 31, 2010 09:16PM
my steppers are the 1400 g-cm polulu's. I went with them because all the other motors I was able to find wanted $60-100 shipping. It wasn't until I had the motors and searched the serial on them that I found out they were nema14's. Will the lin electronics motors from the reprap wiki work? They're listed as tested but for $10 a motor I'm wondering how reliable they are.
Re: Wades Question
November 01, 2010 12:43AM
If you are in the US, you might give [www.alltronics.com] a shot. They get a lot of overstocked items then resell them at low prices.
Re: Wades Question
November 01, 2010 12:48AM
lol, that's actually the site I stumbled across with the lin engineering steppers. I read someones post where they mentioned a lot of people buying them because they are cheap but couldn't tell if they meant that as a good or bad thing. Here's the link to the motor I was looking at. It's $10, but I'm wondering if they will wear out quickly....
Re: Wades Question
November 01, 2010 01:42AM
I have three NEMA 23 steppers from alltronics, they were only $17 a piece and very powerful. They're working great and seem to be very high quality.

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Re: Wades Question
November 01, 2010 06:07PM
Not that I'm a huge stepper motor expert or anything, but I would expect that as long as you stick to models that use bearings on the shaft, the motor will probably outlast other parts on the machine. Also, don't overheat them. If you treat them well, I see no reason that they won't outlast the printer itself. I sometimes scrap printers and pull off common circuits. I have seen some 5+ year old office printers and the motors were always pretty solid considering they only had brass bushings and printed hundreds of pages a day.

Normal printer motors are always geared way down, so they probably don't have near as much load on the bushings as our motors. I don't know that there is such a thing as a nema 17 motor with bushings, but I would recommend avoiding models that use bushings instead of bearings because we are abusing them a bit more.

I'm using 4218L-08S-01's on my extruder coupled with a polulu driver. The extruder controller seems capable of driving it, but it is much more noisy this way and the torque feels a bit lower. They only had 60 or so units when I checked four or five months ago, so they might have sold out by now. The biggest problem I see so far is that the motor is bulky compared to most others. The shaft is larger in both length and diameter than the other motors on my mendel. The body is also 7-10 mm longer.
Re: Wades Question
November 12, 2010 11:36PM
You're going to need the 17's I just found out the hard way building my Isaac. Haven't tried 23's but 14's won't work.
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