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hictop prusa i3

Posted by jcamp176 
hictop prusa i3
April 26, 2016 03:06AM
Hi i just got given a hictop prusa i3 from my brother in law. the only thing that it needs a new extrude nozzle and the front support that the belt drives the table is snapped. i have looked all over google for another and unable to find it, also the brother inlaw said the nozzle kept getting jammed so probably has another underlining issue. he gave up and handed it to me.

Is the only way for parts to contact hictop? if so i tried there number with number not connected, i also live in Australia so probably has something to do with dialing codes.

I also have no instructions for setup, parts list, or software for this printer if someone could be so kind and help me out it would be much appreciated.

Im keen to do my first print. and if you haven't guess im new to 3d printers

Re: hictop prusa i3
April 26, 2016 03:36PM
It's probably a GT2 belt. Search for that on ebay, amazon, etc.
Re: hictop prusa i3
April 26, 2016 06:50PM
Its the brace that belt is bolted to. Cant find it via searching for the belt. Thanks though
Re: hictop prusa i3
April 26, 2016 06:55PM
Oh, I misread. Sorry. I tried searching for one, but I couldn't find any off-the-shelf parts, but there seem to be quite a few printed versions like this:

Re: hictop prusa i3
April 26, 2016 07:12PM
Yeah i found printed parts too but not this part. So hard to find. If the printer was working id print one haha.
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Re: hictop prusa i3
April 28, 2016 07:21PM
Hi Jake,

the part that is broken is that the Front Panel or the Spanner for the Belt on the Front Panel??

If it's the Panel make a bleuprint (drawing) of it and take it to a company that can Watercut Acrillic or Lasercut Multipex.

Aad Koene.
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