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Got it working again....

Posted by BrianRowes 
Got it working again....
December 13, 2010 07:41PM
hey all
got myself back were i was last week(printer running well, everything looking good) but i seem to have lost the nack for finding a good print height.
im not sure if its a temp problem or a height problem but my printer seems to start off by dragging around a little puck that gets bigger till it falls off leaving the nozzle with some platic clinging to it, then it prints the layor lines pretty well, but each one gets lifted and stuck to the stuff stuck on the nozzle on the next pass.
been trying all night and cant seem to figure out what changed since my last print. could it be time to change my bed tape?
would a close up video help explain this better?
it seems if i raise a little i extrude in the air for a sec then it scrunches up and sits on the side of the heater block getting bigger and bigger.
I am trying to use 185 degrees and about a sheet of paper thickness(roughly) as a print height.
using orbitech plaV2 on a lasercut mendel
any other info needed just give me a shout
Re: Got it working again....
December 13, 2010 10:55PM
What tape are you using? Cleaning kapton with acetone helps improve its stickyness for PLA. You really should heay your bed. If you have the laser cut mendel with the alu print bed, sticking a travel iron underneath is super simple and work a treat.
Re: Got it working again....
December 14, 2010 02:03AM
I've had similar issues with blue masking tape and PLA; a quick wipe with some rubbing alcohol usually clears up the oils from your hands and gets the prints to stick nicely again. Higher first layer temps can also help.
Re: Got it working again....
December 14, 2010 03:01AM
Nozzle height above the bed (i.e. your z=0) is also critical to getting the plastic to stick.
Too high and it will never stick, too low and you squish it too much.
A difference of 0.1 mm can decide between sticking well or not.

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Re: Got it working again....
December 15, 2010 06:24PM
hey. all
can you give me more info about using the iron to heat the bed.
is this just put an iron on top for initial heat or take the heated plate from the iron and mount underneath somehow?
im deffo thinking my bed temp is the problem as things are laying down now only to move when the extruder gets close again. i think the heat on one side is causing it to stick/drag.
will be continuing to try new heights/ nozzle temps tonight to see if anything sticks.
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