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Problems with mendel gen3 on repG

Posted by BrianRowes 
Problems with mendel gen3 on repG
January 10, 2011 08:07PM
hey all
can someone tell me if its possable to use a thermistor with replicator G as ive been told its the next step in improving my quality.
the problems i have at the moment are:
when i try to generate models in replicatorG python crashes at the end of Gcode(trhink its trying to show preview)
it does appear to finish though
if i try to print this in replicator G the tempeture does not appear to be read.(get the error occasionally Error unknown: T(different numbers, as if my printer is telling temp but in the wrong way)
if i try to use the code in repsnapper, my x axis goes all the way to the end(not home) and trys to jump through the printer.
anyone else had this or able to shed some light
Re: Problems with mendel gen3 on repG
January 11, 2011 04:50PM
I haven't checked out ReplicatorG progress lately. If it truly is compatible with 5d firmware now, it is a much more user friendly GUI, but any gain in print quality is going to come from the fact that it uses skeinforge to slice up models. Skeinforge is more tweak-able and is frequently updated as new slicing techniques emerge. I don't think the slicing function of the host software has been updated in quite a while by comparison.

If compatibility hasn't been fixed yet, you can just download skeinforge and run it as an independent tool (get it here). Then you just need send.py or the reprap host to send the Gcode. This is how I have been printing.
Re: Problems with mendel gen3 on repG
January 12, 2011 10:19AM
I tried ReplicatorG 023 on a MacPro and MacBook Air both running leopard it still can't send Gcode to the Mendel with Gen 3 ITechzone remix) but it generates great Gcode with Skeinforge which I send with the Reprap host or RepSnapper.
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