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RepRap Map

Posted by ZachHoeken 
Re: RepRap Map
June 15, 2010 11:38PM
Well I just deleted 5 pins of mine. Didn't know about the multiple page thing. But unfortunately I am one of only 2 known printing RepRap in North Carlina.

Maybe I need to start printing Nascar stuff smiling smiley

Re: RepRap Map
December 28, 2010 03:34AM
how do i add myself to the map?

Re: RepRap Map
May 01, 2011 10:28AM
I think I don't know how to add myself. I might have deleted someone elses?

help! sorry if I messed something up.

Re: RepRap Map
May 03, 2011 03:28AM
Thought I would add myself to this map, surprised how many people are working on RepRaps in NZ

Experimenting in 3D in New Zealand
Re: RepRap Map
May 25, 2011 01:26AM
Hi folks, I've got to apologize but I accidentally clicked and dragged the user name jonored (in mass. or conneticut).

I'd done it twice, so I could not even undo it. I apologize, Jonathan David Kaipainen Gibbons. If anyone knows Jonathans' correct location, do not hesitate to correct me for my mistake.

Also, I'd like to note that it seems a number of other locations have been accidentally or purposefully dragged out. I've seen flags for a number of people who seem to reside in the atlantic ocean!
Re: RepRap Map
March 28, 2013 09:10AM
I don't get the point of having several pages. confused smiley
What is the use ?
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