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Motor flickering

Posted by i23D 
Motor flickering
October 17, 2016 04:34PM
Hi there.
I am new at RepRap so I apologize in advance if I make few mistakes.

The problem is that is me and my friends build a 3D printer / CNC router but we have a problem with motors flickering.
To explaint better I made a video and from 1.11 you can see the problem.

The flickering starts on it's own randomly on home position, center or any other.

Initially it was meant to be a Mendel Max 2 but it is much bigger smiling smiley
The motors are NEMA 17
On RAMPS v1.4 is uploaded firmware Marlin 1.1.0-RC7
There are two power units.
2x 12V 600W computer power units make a 24V power supply for the motors and and logic
1x 25A 24V is for the heaters
The power units and ramps are in a different box and well ventilated.

We checked and double checked the wiring, power units, move motors without the belt, change axis connections but the problem persist.

Has anyone any idea what it could be?
Re: Motor flickering
October 17, 2016 04:42PM
Did you check your endstop switches?
Re: Motor flickering
October 17, 2016 08:52PM
it may be possible the steppers are too weak to drive the load or the current needs adjusting
Re: Motor flickering
October 18, 2016 05:49AM
Yes the endstops work fine, but as I said the flickering can happen in the center position as well so I don't think it has anything to do with the end stops.

The steppers are not to weak because the problem persist even if we remove the belt and they are free.

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Re: Motor flickering
October 18, 2016 07:12AM
I didn't mean if the end stops are triggering when you hit them to stop moving I meant do they possibly have a loose connection.
Aside from that it looks like you are missing steps. How have you connected the stepper motors drive shaft?

Out of the box thinking is easier when you never fitted in the box to begin with. smiling smiley
Re: Motor flickering
October 18, 2016 12:30PM
Sounds like the stepper driver is turning off and on due to overheating.
Re: Motor flickering
October 25, 2016 06:45AM
We have found the problem and you were right grinning smiley
One colleague adjusted the current on 250 for some testing without telling anyone and didn't put it back.
Thank you very much.
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