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Kossel mini auto leveling

Posted by waelajam 
Kossel mini auto leveling
October 25, 2016 04:56PM
Hi everyone
I am facing a problem with the auto-leveling of my kossel mini 3d printer.
Right now I am trying to calibrate it by Pronterface but in vain sad smiley
Please has anyone a detailed instructions or preferably a video that explains the steps thouroughly and clearly.
Please have a look at the problen in this video. It happened when sending G29 in Pronterface



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Re: Kossel mini auto leveling
October 28, 2016 03:18PM
This might be a better question for the delta forums.

I have moved on from Marlin / RAMPS boards for my delta, but at the time I recall G29 being for cartesian bed leveling not delta auto-calibration. I would consider reviewing the firmware for your printer to make sure you are using the correct g-code and parameters. You also will want to make sure the printer is dialed in a closely as possible before running the auto-calibration routine for the final tweaks.

Finally, what firmware are you using and consider attaching your config.h file so that others might be able to offer some assistance.
Re: Kossel mini auto leveling
October 28, 2016 04:14PM
I could eventually diagnose the problem. It was the broken Z probe switch which is responsible for this disorder. There was a delay between the open status and the triggerred and sometimes it yields only triggerred.

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