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software loading

Posted by GlennDrodge 
software loading
November 18, 2016 03:55PM
Hello folks

I am finally putting together a Mendel which I bought maybe 4 years ago. I am working from various sets of instructions as my Mendel I am sure has been upgraded many times. Tis making it interesting. My problem at this point is Sprinter will not verify in the Arduino IDE.When I load the Sprinter.pde it only loads 1 Tab (that being the sprinter tab) . No other tabs are loaded (config,etc). Also I get the errors shown (see attachment) when compiling. I would sure LOVE some help with this issue. I am dead in the water at this stage.

Thank you

Re: software loading
November 18, 2016 04:07PM
What controller board is it?

Also you may want to go with something more current. Say Marlin and use arduino 1.6.x or above.
Re: software loading
November 18, 2016 04:26PM
Thanks Famas

I am using a ramps 1.4 and an Arduino Mega 2560.
If that helps you.
Again thanks

Re: software loading
November 18, 2016 04:44PM
Yeah, there's nothing stopping you from using a firmware that's current and still being maintained.
Re: software loading
November 18, 2016 04:49PM
I will give that a crack.

Thanks Famas , you were very quick getting a response to me. I appreciate it.
Re: software loading
November 19, 2016 09:39AM
It could be that you are opening the wrong file.
If you are using marlin (most recent and best IMHO) you should open the marlin.ino file which should show other tabs, not just one.
The one you need to make changes to for your machine is configuration.h

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