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Steppers, Ramps, Wiring

Posted by merchant1307 
Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 29, 2016 10:18AM
If I were to wire this to ramps the commonly done methods if my motors had open end cords (no 4 pin connector) what am I looking to buy exactly to stick on the end of the wires there seems to be a few different models.

What gauge are these wires commonly used on nema 17s?

Can the motor be wired to the ramps commonly done method without a 4 pin connector? (My current printer is on melzi thinking about switching it to ramps have most of the stuff have some parts I have to buy and a little information of gaps to fill in).
Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 29, 2016 02:41PM
I do not understand what you want to do. Could you be more specific? Could you tell us what "this" is?
Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 30, 2016 04:32AM
You need some female dupont connectors and some 4 way housings along with a dupont crimp tool.

Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 30, 2016 01:56PM
you could solder wires on to the pins on this
and solder wires to the pins on that
avoiding the whatchmacallit

you could get some small brass tubing to slide over pins on this and that
heat shrink tubing over the this pins would insulate them.

you could get molex connector male / female pins
Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 30, 2016 06:08PM
Plexer could you be more specific in items I looked around and tehre seems to be multiple things that are similar. could you show me some model names or soemthing.

The molex connectors dont look like something that fits the ramps board; thats why I'm asking there seems to be different types of 4 pin connectors.

"This" is supposed to be "these" as in stepper motors like nema 17 being wired to ramps. 4 pin connectors is what I need but there seems to be multiple kinds and i cannot seperate them by what I am looking at or find a way to categorize them.

Whats the common method/item that would be used for connecting a stepper to ramps if it had no 4 pin connector just bare wires.

--- I searched both types of connectors its dupont that im looking for i seen a vid that explianed them ---

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Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
November 30, 2016 08:24PM
I'm going to take a stab in the dark here, you talked about the ramps board. This kit on Amazon is what I bought along with this crimp tool to put the 4 pin connectors on the stepper motor cables and my IR sensor cables and hot end fan when I first started with my ramps board.

If your not interested in a kit, I've found individual parts on Digikey listed as M20 Series along with the pins.

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Re: Steppers, Ramps, Wiring
December 01, 2016 10:30AM
You can solder the 4 pin connectors side of these wires to your wires. These wires are already color coded so making a mistake is avoided. They are also wrapped to help prevent rat nesting of wires.


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