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MKS Base v1.4

Posted by slanwar 
MKS Base v1.4
December 09, 2016 06:44PM
Anybody knows how to change the microstepping on this board?

Edit: Is a MKS Base v1.4 (Changed the title)

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Re: MKS Base v1.4
December 11, 2016 06:16AM
The board runs 16 microsteps and you can't change it.


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Re: MKS Base v1.4
December 11, 2016 01:52PM
Unless you're very good with a soldering iron smiling smiley
Re: MKS Base v1.4
December 11, 2016 02:29PM
Actually I am but with no schematics from the board nothing I can do, one thing I learned about this Chinese boards ...stay away from them.
Re: MKS Base v1.4
December 13, 2016 01:34AM
Changing the microstepping on the drv8825 and the A4982 stepper drivers is just a matter of pulling MS1,2, or 3 high or low. It shouldn't be difficult to identify the traces for these and adding jumpers or cutting traces.
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