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short circuit on a new RAMPS !

Posted by guiguidem 
short circuit on a new RAMPS !
January 02, 2017 10:09AM
I whrite it in english in a second part.

J'ai deja commander beaucoup de pièces sur reprap world et j'ai toujours été satisfait de la qualité. MAIS j'ai commandé une nouvelle RAMPS1.4 deja assemblée. J'ai branché tout les fils sur la novelle carte et j'ai assemblé la carte ramps sur la carte arduino.
Quand je branche la carte arduino sur mon ordinateur portable, c'est ok mais quand j'allume l'alimentation, un court circuit se produit et eteint mon ordinateur portable.
J'ai debranché tout les fils sauf ceux de l'alimentation de la ramps et j ai réessayé d'allumer l'alimentation. Mon ordinateur s'éteind a nouveau
Que me proposer vous ?

I had always command a lot of piece on reprap world and i was always satisfied of the quality. BUT i have ordered a new RAMPS1.4 assembled. I plug all wires on it and i assembled ramps on arduino card.
When i plug the arduino card on my laptop, it's ok but when i turn on the power, a short cut occur and turned off my laptop.
I unplung all wires exept those of the power of the ramps and i retry to turn on the power. My laptop turnoff again
Why do you propose to me ?
Re: short circuit on a new RAMPS !
January 02, 2017 11:56AM
... beside a short somewhere it could be, the ground potentials of the notebook and Ramps PS'ses are different enough to cause high cross currents through the USB cable - this can shutdown your USB-driver or reset the notebook too ...

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Re: short circuit on a new RAMPS !
January 02, 2017 07:32PM
So, are you saying your laptop is damaged and can't boot since the short ciruit?

I had a short ciruit before aswell, it damaged the audio module on my pc's motherboard.

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