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MKS tft connection to Smoothieboard?

Posted by Geartech 
MKS tft connection to Smoothieboard?
March 05, 2017 09:15AM
Not sure this is possible with a board other than the MKS Sbase smoothieboard but thought I'd check.
Tried a few different setups and connection points but have not had any luck getting it to communicate with the board.
Didn't have any issue making it work with my mega2560 ramps 1.4 board.
From what it looks like is the MKS Sbase board uses the p0.2 and p0.3 pins but those are supposed to be for loading the bootloader to the chip and I don't think real smoothie firmware
is configured for that operation.
Anyone else had any luck with these displays on a non MKS Sbase board?
Re: MKS tft connection to Smoothieboard?
March 05, 2017 11:45AM
Made some progress. I've got a Panucatt re-arm smoothie board and did some testing on it while waiting for my new board with TMC 2660 drivers to come in.
Got the latest config file from Smoothieware.org and while going thu the config.txt settings I noticed a setting to enable the uart as a second serial connection.
enabled that and set the baud to match on both.
The TFT connects thru the Aux1 header on the ramps1.4 sheild.
Seems to work so far, all of the TFT screen functions work so far.
Thought I'd pass along what I learned from trying to hack this display onto a board other than the Makerbase Sbase board.
Now that I've got that done its time to start connecting it to my printer.
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