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flsun hotend not heating up

Posted by affa 
flsun hotend not heating up
April 29, 2017 04:09AM
I have a flsun prusa i3 with ramps 1.4 plus board. It has worked great, but now the hotend does not heat up from pronterface/repetier anymore.
The hotend does heat up if I choose preheat pla in the lcd menu. I have no sd card reader. I have ordered a new board, because I guess it is broken, anyone who knows how to fix it?
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 03, 2017 11:16AM
I had wired the new hotend to the fan pins instead of the ex0 pins. Got support from flsun. They asked me to send an image of the board. But the extruder stops at 75 degrees when heating up. Will look in the forum for similar problems.
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 03, 2017 11:35PM
Being that it stops at 75, it makes me wonder if you have the hotend misconfigured as the hotbed.

For Ramps, the hot end is D10 and the hotbed is D8

Also the config file will have max temp for each
These should be in your config file
#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 275
#define HEATER_1_MAXTEMP 275
#define HEATER_2_MAXTEMP 275
#define BED_MAXTEMP 100
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 06, 2017 02:38PM
Hi thanks for the reply. The thermistor was loose. Used some thermo paste to glue it in place. Managed to print some objects with the hotend fan turned off, but the temperature is fluctuating 10 degrees. After it heats up to 215 it drops to 205 and the hotend cloggs up.
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 07, 2017 12:22AM
the fluctuating is probably because you have not PID tuned the hotend. To do that you use the M303 command. Go to this page, it will tell you how to use the M303, then it should stay within a couple degrees and not 10.

reprap wiki search for M303
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 07, 2017 02:33PM
Thank you so much! I Will try that.
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 10, 2017 06:58AM
suddenly fluctuating tempreature, after printing perfectly for long time and no changes to the System does look like broken wires to the heater cartridge or the thermistor.

I had this twice myself. - both times broken wires on the heater cartridge. - Just replace, can be found in packs of 5 for just a few bucks.
Re: flsun hotend not heating up
May 14, 2017 01:09AM
I switched to another psu and disabled the duct fan and now the temperature is stable. Going to test new cables and use kapton tape on the heater block. Thanks for all the replies.
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