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Fillament does not feed and more

Posted by comarius 
Fillament does not feed and more
May 11, 2017 11:04AM
Finally I replaced the original board from prusa i3 with reprap board.
I Installed latest marlin firmware from git, and on c the pronterfce application.
All tweaks, homing and tuneup on axis and feeder are OK. +/- .0. 1 10 mm are fine.

All good, except few things.

  • The board works only if Is powered from it's power supply and the USB plugged to a 5V USB power or computer.
  • Printing several models (from pronterface / or menu Sdcard) including test cube, results in failure.
  • The filament does not feeds during the print. Does not move at all. The steps/mm was tuned up properly.
  • I can force the extruder form the pronterface back and forward without problems.
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