auto bed level not applied
June 14, 2017 01:54PM

I recently got an Ultimaker original that I upgraded with e3d v6, titan and marlin 1.1.2. This is the first time that I used the auto bed level on a cartesian machine, before I only worked with deltas.

I set the levelling method to bilinear and put some bend cardboard on the bed to test how responsive the algorythm is. As you can see in the attached pic the bend shape is captured quite well.

I saved the the G29 results with M500 and proceded to print. Two things happened now that I dont get.

-The offset that I had generously overestimated to not crash the nozzle on first try is not applied at all. If I see it right its even a bit lower that what I would get from the normal z min endstop. The offset is correctly displayed in eeprom with M501

-No tilt or mesh correction is applied at all. The z axis doesnt move one bit and ignores the shape completly.

Im not getting any compiler errors from marlin or any complaints that the auto bed level routine is set up wrong, M420 S1 also reports correctly ":Bed Leveling On" but I have the feeling that I implemented something wrong.
open | download - 2017-06-14 (140.9 KB)
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