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Reprapguru gaps in prints after Igus bearings and aluminum Y carriage.

Posted by Vaeloron 
Reprapguru gaps in prints after Igus bearings and aluminum Y carriage.
June 25, 2017 02:00PM
Hello everyone. Hope I can find some help here as I have read and tried everything I could think of. I have the Reprapguru V2 and when I first got it assembled I was getting great quality prints. I was however running into the standard issue of the bearings cutting into the cheese rods this kit comes with as well as problems with the Y carriage warping. I replaced the rods, installed Igus drylin bushings, and a Reprapchampion aluminum Y carriage. Since then I have been getting gaps in my prints that I can't seem to sort out. In the attached pics the white one was printed before the change and the red one after using the same G-code. Nothing I have tried has made a difference. The biggest issue is the gaps in the supporting legs at the bottom of the piece. I have still not sliced the model again as I know the parameters have worked well in the past. I started printing these as a joke for a friend but it's the only small print I printed prior to the change so I. Using it for testing but I now have a whole stack of sailor moon bookends I don't know what to do with. LOL.
New nozzle but still .4mmHere is what I have tried so far.

Readjusted belt tension on both carriages multiple times.
Cut print speed by 50%
Releveled bed multiple times.
Switched back to the same white filament as original prints.

If anyone can give me some guidance it would be appreciated. I am still fairly new at 3D printing with my M35 being my first foray.

Failed Print 1
Failed print 2

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