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Dual Hotend Z offset not working

Posted by H.D. 
Dual Hotend Z offset not working
July 17, 2017 12:53PM
Hi, I have one problem trying to get solved. I have installed Dondolo dual extruder. Mechanics are working perfectly and now I have run in to problems with firmware, running Marlin 1.1.4.
GitHub issue also opened but nothing there, at least yet.
The extruder is defined as SWITCHING_NOZZLE.

Long story short, 2nd extruder is slightly higher. On extruder switch the hotend offset is applied but next command to move (the next line in gcode basically) it moves back due to the actual Z height isn't compensated.
When I look at LCD, for example I'm at 14mm. Do the extruder switch, LCD shows 13.4mm. So obviously next time there is gcode telling to move coordinates Xxx Yxx Z14 the hotend offset is made useless.
Machine should think it's at 14mm even though it's been lowered by 0.6mm.

Anybody here have ideas?
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