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Prusa I3 Variant - Which one to build

Posted by neo__04 
Prusa I3 Variant - Which one to build
August 16, 2017 05:30AM
Hey all,

Fairly new to the 3d printing world but have a decent electronics background and i've fallen into the trap of buying a Wanhao I3 Plus.
Now I'm hooked! So i've decided i'd put my knowledge to good use and build my next 3d printer.

I Like the design of the Prusa I3 Mk2 & and updates Mk2S, so im aiming to build one of the variants.

I have access to plasma cutters and other machinery at work and due to that I like the look of the "P3Steel" designs as they would
be extremely sturdy, strong and able to be made with a high degree of accuracy.

I've seen the Prusa I3 mk2 build from Tom's 3d - [toms3d.org]
I'm not a big fan of the mass of threaded rods, nuts and 3d printed parts that make up the subframe and i think it could be done stronger
as in the example of the P3Steel type of design.

Basically I'm chasing some advice on which build you think would be the best suited for me.

My aims for the design.
- Strong sturdy frame, not necessarily needing to be made from 3d printed parts, steel/aluminium is fine
- None/Minimum modifications needed to the frame. Eg. No need for z-axis mod due to frame already being square and strong.
- Min 200x200x200 build size
- Easy and repeatable bed leveling, with auto bed leveling via firmware
- I'll probably run E3d v6 genuine hotend & Ramps+re-arm

Hopefully the wall of text wasnt too much for you, but just unsure which design i should go with based on the tools i have available to me.

Thanks heaps!
Re: Prusa I3 Variant - Which one to build
August 16, 2017 10:53AM
Here is a starting point. [reprap.org]
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