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Rumba and 8825s

Posted by TJM3D 
Rumba and 8825s
August 26, 2017 10:22AM
I know, I know. The 8825 doesn't play well with the Rumba, or so I've heard. But I have them and once I work out the details, I'll likely convert to something else. BUT.
The first problem. Loaded some software for the Rumba and full graphic smart, mounted the drivers adjusted low then moved the voltage up, .5v to 1.6v, a little at a time. Using the controller, I'm trying to move the steppers but I can get only one step then nothing. Power down then back up, same thing. Is there something on the board or in the firmware that keeps the steppers from moving if not configured or not connected? I've tried different voltages and different microstepping jumper settings, too.

Re: Rumba and 8825s - fixed
August 26, 2017 05:28PM
Problem found.

Cheapo 1M stepper driver to stepper extensions wired incorrectly, at least for my purposes. swapped a couple of the pins, now operates smoothly, accurately and quietly.

Easy fix.
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