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My version of the Prusa i3

Posted by gadjet 
My version of the Prusa i3
September 03, 2017 04:38AM
I've just finished my first DIY 3D printer build, it was inspired by Toms3D Dolly cheapest 3d printer build although I wasn't trying to make it as cheap as possible.

Here is a YouTube video with a fly around the printer Youtube

All went well initially but I'm now struggling to get a repeatable Z height, it's a pain!
Re: My version of the Prusa i3
September 18, 2017 11:50AM
It looks like a solid build so you shouldn't need a Z height probe.

I use this z-stop off thingiverse and use the "paper thickness test":

I add a long nylon nut to the bolt and that is the fine adjustment on the home position. On the bed the home position is fixed and the other 3 have springs.
I use hex bolts and nylock nuts. Using a hex driver you don't need downward pressure on the bolt and therefore get a better feel of the paper dragging, the nylocks stop things from loosening up.

I rarely need to adjust the Z height, probably check it once every 30 prints.
To adjust I home X and Y, move the head and bed a little, home the Z and adjust the long nylon nut if needed. Then move the head/bed and check the other 3 corners using a hex driver to adjust if needed.
open | download - z-stop.jpg (77.9 KB)
open | download - bedpost.jpg (57.7 KB)
open | download - spring.jpg (56.3 KB)
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