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Replacement Stepper Motor for TEVO Tarantula

Posted by jamesgjatkin 
Replacement Stepper Motor for TEVO Tarantula
September 25, 2017 05:45AM
Hi all,

I have recently purchased a TEVO Tarantula (2017 version) and have it all built and good to go.
After about 30 minutes into the first print, the bed itself appeared to get stuck and no longer moved.
I aborted the print and removed the appropriate motor.
It was pretty much stuck solid! I managed to get it to turn again - with some persuasion - but it does not move freely.

I swapped the motor that is used to feed the filament to check the bed itself was okay (it moved ok by hand) and all three axis moved correctly under software control.
I have contacted the supplier and they are supplying a replacement, but it is coming from China which will probably take 3 Weeks+!!

Any ideas if there is a drop in replacement to the "17HD4401-C5.18" which were provided with the kit?
This appears to have been re branded to TEVO, but I don't know what the original part no would have been.

There seem to be a lot of different NEMA 17 motors around, but I am not sure which will replace the ones provided in my kit.
The TEVO itself is a 12v driven unit.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,

Re: Replacement Stepper Motor for TEVO Tarantula
September 25, 2017 06:59AM
If you take the motor apart by removing the 4 screws (assuming it is a Nema17 motor), you may find there is some debris that is causing the motor to jam. In which case remove it, reassemble the motor, and it should work again.

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Re: Replacement Stepper Motor for TEVO Tarantula
September 25, 2017 07:41AM
Thanks for the reply - this is actually an interesting thought; I'll open it up tonight and take a look!
If is is simply debris causing it to behave like this, it may get it up and running again - at least until the replacement arrives.
I'll let you know!
Re: Replacement Stepper Motor for TEVO Tarantula
September 26, 2017 05:34AM
Hi all,
Okay quick update from last night...
I opened the motor up and cleaned it up a bit - nothing obvious in there though.
As I was assembling it again it still seemed to be turning a little tight, but a very slight realignment of the casing and center rotor and it freed up as it should.
After tightening the case fully I reinstalled it back into the printer and it now works perfectly!
Thanks so much for the suggestion!!
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