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Z end stop not recognized - P802C

Posted by Jhboulder 
Z end stop not recognized - P802C
November 05, 2017 05:17PM
I recently bought my first DIY 3D printer, a Zonestar P802C. Despite the lack of instructions, I have pieced it together and everything works EXCEPT the Z endstop. The piece itself is fine (ive swapped it with the y axis, and the problem remains with the Z axis), but the board itself (ZRIB V3) doesn't ever recognize it being triggered. I don't have any firmware besides the HEX file they included on the SD card, so I have no way to directly edit pin assignments and the like.

At this point, I'm stuck and don't know where to go next...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Z end stop not recognized - P802C
November 06, 2017 07:22AM
I would save that the controller is defective. You could inspect it for a bad trace etch. You could also check for bad solder connections.
If it were me I would contact the Company ASAP for a replacement controller PCB, as you only have so long on warranty.

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