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Low resolution using marlin

Posted by Nitrock28 
Low resolution using marlin
December 05, 2017 03:41AM
Hello !

I am a new poster to this forum but i often come looking for answers, and until now i always have found what i was searching for.

I own a kossel from flsun, and I'm in the process of changing the firmware from Repetier to Marlin, using LVD's fork with his advanced auto calibration.

The problem is, my steppers seems to have a quite lower resolution than what i was used to with Repetier. in manual control, I get a response from the motors for every 0.06 mm increment in the z direction. Previously using Repetier, I remember having a response for every manual increment of 0.01mm. With this low resolution, doing the paper test is impossible as either it is completely free to move, or it is squeezed between the bed and the nozzle. And again, with Repetier I was able to smoothly lower the nozzle until i had a slight grip, so it must be firmware related.

My steps/unit are set in the same way as before and the scale of the movements is correct.

is there a parameter that i missed? maybe something to do with microstepping? I tried to use the M350 command but nothing seemed to change.

Sorry if this was already answered somewhere else,



First sorry for the double post, I must have clicked too fast eye rolling smiley

I finally found that the issue is already signaled in the marlin github, it has to do with MIN_STEPS_PER_SEGMENT in calibration mode, see #8606.



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